6 Time and Money Saving Products Under $20 That You Need in Your Kitchen

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It’s no lie, there are lots of pointless, overpriced home and kitchen gadgets available these days. Even our favorite celebrity chefs will confirm that many of them are completely unnecessary.

However, not all kitchen gadgets are worthless. In fact, some can save you a significant amount of time and money. Here are six products that we think are most definitely worthwhile investments for your home. Plus, all of them can be found for less than $20 each if you shop around.

1. An Herb Saver

If you frequently use fresh herbs and they don’t come straight from the garden, you need an herb keeper. We hate seeing good herbs go to waste. These little storage containers keep your herbs fresher much, much longer.

2. A Cheese Grater

If you’re buying your cheese pre-grated, you’re wasting money. A simple cheese grater will cost you next to nothing and save you a ton in the long run. We’ve even seen cheese graters at the dollar store, so you don’t have to pay more than $1 for one.

3. A Swivel Peeler

Like the cheese grater, a swivel peeler should be a kitchen staple in every home. It’s inexpensive, it helps you waste less food, and it makes peeling vegetables much easier – and safer, too.

4. An Olive Oil Sprayer

Instead of buying environmentally harmful aerosol cans of vegetable oils with excess chemical additives, get yourself an oil sprayer. Most of these can be used with the healthy oil of your choosing.

5. A Ravioli Maker

We recently found a ravioli maker with a press for a whopping $15 online. Wouldn’t you love to make your own, delicious ravioli rather than being stuck overpaying for the premade stuff? If you’re a fan of Italian pasta, you’re going to want one of these in your kitchen arsenal.

6. A Microplane

Two graters on one list? Hear us out. While a cheese grater is great for some things, for others, you’ll want a microplane. Again, this is a very inexpensive tool, yet it’s super handy to have. Make your own citrus zest instead of wasting orange, lime, and lemon peels. Or, use it to grate garlic, nutmeg, fresh finger, hard cheeses, and creating chocolate shavings.