Avoid Overspending at the Airport: 8 Ways to Save

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As if airline tickets weren’t already somewhat costly, once you enter the airport, the price of everything goes up. Baggage fees, food, and even bottled water will suddenly cost you a pretty penny.

Heaven forbid you accidentally leave travel gear or electronic accessories, like chargers or headphones, at home. Unfortunately, airport shops know you have no choice but to buy what you need or go without.

This is why it’s important to plan ahead so you can avoid overspending when you get to the airport. That said, here are some tips you should always follow.

1. Pre-pay those luggage fees.

When it comes to baggage fees, they tend to vary from one airline to the next. Sometimes you get charged only for checked luggage and are allowed one free carryon and a personal item. Other times – especially when flying low cost, no frills airlines – you may be charged for your carryon.

When it comes to these fees, especially when charged for carryons, you may save money by paying them in advance

2. Use an airline credit card.

Another way to lessen baggage fees is to sign up for an airline credit card. Not only will you often get a bunch of frequent flyer miles on signup, there are often other perks, too. One common perk is free checked bags.

3. Weigh your luggage at home.

Basic baggage fees aside, you can also get charged a fee if your bags are overweight. And it’s often no small fee either. A bag that weighs more than the allowed maximum weight could cost you $80 or more to check. Check your airline’s baggage restrictions and make sure you keep things under the limit to avoid being charged extra.

4. Bring an empty water bottle.

Not only are there water fountains everywhere, most airport restaurants will also refill empty reusable water bottles. This can save you from having to fork over a bunch of cash for overpriced bottled water.

5. Pack some snacks.

Again, you can avoid paying the inflated costs for food or snacks by simply bringing some of your own.

6. Remember your accessories.

Always make a list of things you need to put in your carryon or purse. This includes neck pillows, chargers, headphones, batteries – anything you might need while in flight. If you have to buy replacements at the airport, they won’t be cheap.

7. Bring your own reading materials.

The same advice applies to things like books and magazines as well. It’s much less expensive to bring these things with you than to buy them at the airport.

8. Get your money exchanged elsewhere.

If you’re traveling to a foreign country, get some of your cash converted before you go. Airport exchange rates can be rather inflated, so it’s best to visit your bank instead.

Once you arrive, you can visit a local bank in your destination city as well.