Find Out Why You Should Go Grocery Shopping on Wednesdays


Wednesdays conveniently happens to be the very best day to do your grocery shopping!

Not only is this the day when the freshest food is put out, but there are also new sales and discounts at almost every grocery store you might think to visit.

Here’s what you should look for in order to find the very best bargains on this day.


Stock up on lean ground beef and chicken breasts as they are often discounted by as much as 50% off. Normally grocers will run 1 to 2 day sales, they’ll mark down items that are close to their “sell-by” date.

I’ve found steaks discounted as much as 80% that were perfectly fine to eat.


Cheese is another item you can get great deals on. This is especially true for cheeses that can make your meals really amazing, such as brie, bleu cheese, gouda, gruyere and goat cheese.

Get up to 50% off on cheeses that are within 5 days of their sell-by dates.


Look for a mobile bakery cart of quick-sale baked goods. Discounts in these sections are generally 25% – 50% off and are still perfectly good for a few more days.

Don’t forget that you can freeze bread, so buy it while it’s discounted for a quick sale.

Milk & Yogurt

If you go through a lot of dairy, milk by the gallon often gets discounted within 5 days of its expiration date. The same is true for yogurt, or you can go the extra step and save even more money by making your own yogurt at home!

So why is Wednesday the best time to shop for groceries? Wednesday is a common day for grocers to launch new specials as they almost always receive new produce and meats on Tuesdays.

By Wednesday, they have moved items to the aisle end-caps for new specials and restocked the shelves with fresher foods.

Wednesday is also a great day to find new manufacturer coupons that you can use to save in addition to the Wednesday sales. Also, be on the lookout for foods that you didn’t know you could freeze.

Be sure to buy these foods and freeze them for later use when they hit the clearance or reduced-price sections of your local grocer.