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We’ve shown you a ton of different ways to save money on home repairs and maintenance. If you don’t have the tools to do-it-yourself but want to try some of our great tips, we’ll show you how to save on tools.

Tools are expensive; however, they can also pay for themselves overtime if you use them to make home repairs on your own.

Buy Combo Kits

If you don’t have many power tools or yours are wearing down, buying combo kits will save you a ton of money. You’ll spend about 30% less than if you bought each tool individually so it’s like finding a coupon for 30% off! Another advantage to buying combo kits is that all of the tools in the kit will use the same batteries and charger.

Buying these for each different tool you own can get really expensive. If the kit comes with one or two items you don’t need or want, you can sell those to someone else and recoup some of your costs.

You can also find savings on lawn and garden tools that sell multiple attachments. This is a much cheaper way to go. For example, you can buy a gasless hedge trimmer that has a motor. You can then buy an add-on to change out the trimmer part and turn it into a weed eater! Many brands such as Sun Joe, Greenworks and Echo offer outdoor power combo kits.

Stick with the Same Brand

If you just don’t need multiple tools, no matter what you do – stick with the same brand. This again goes back to the battery and charger savings since purchasing new batteries for every tool you own is simply not cost effective.

When you buy cordless power tools you can buy just the bare tool that does not include the battery and charger. Once you have purchased one from the same brand with the battery and charger, there’s no need to spend additional money.

Know When and What to Buy

The absolute best times to buy power tools individually or in combo sets is right before Father’s Day and during the Christmas season. Retailers offer huge markdowns during both of these holidays and for combo kits they normally have special buys that include extra tools, carrying cases or batteries!

Last but not least, there are some tools you just shouldn’t buy. If you only need them for a specific project or won’t use them often, you’ll spend a lot of money when you can rent instead.