Save on Office and Electronics with Price Matching


Once you are physically in a store, retailers want you to buy all the electronics you need in one place. Since they can’t predict what exact item you need every time you come in, many have a price match policy in place. We’ll cover some of the top stores and what their policies are to help you save even more!

Best Buy

Best Buy has a great price match guarantee as it matches both online and local competitor’s prices. They are one of the few that match online prices as most stores opt to match only brick-and-mortar competitors. All you must do is use your smartphone or bring in a local ad to show them the price at any other store.

Provided the item is in stock at the competing retailer and is identical, they’ll match the price ensuring you get the best price for the product available. They’ll even match Amazon, Bh Photo, Crutchfield, Dell, HP, Newegg, and Tiger Direct! Buying electronics at Best Buy is a real win if you take the time to check prices at competitors.

Fry’s Electronics

Fry’s Electronics has a similar policy to Best Buy; however, they only specify a few online retailers that they will match. These include Amazon, BH Photo, Newegg, Dell and HP. They will match the price and give you an addition 10% off. This one can be a little tricky though as they will factor in shipping charges – even if you are not paying shipping. For instance, if you have an Amazon Prime membership where you don’t pay shipping charges, they’ll still factor that into the final price for matching.


Staples will also beat the competing price by 10%, but only mention Amazon as an online retailer they’ll guarantee. They do not price match tech services, Print and Marketing services, gift cards, phone cards and a few other items, but most items they do. They also limit this offer to retailers that sell both online and in a physical store. That means if you find the exact item at a small shop down the road that doesn’t have an online site that they also sell the same product – they will not price match it.

These retailers do have exclusions for certain popular shopping days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so you didn’t miss out on extra savings there.