Take Advantage of These Store Policies

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It’s always a good idea to know what the store policy is before you purchase items. A lot of stores offer emailed receipts – which you should always take advantage of as well to ensure you have a receipt for the price paid. We’ve compiled a list of policies that you should definitely know about which may change your mind on where to buy and save you money.

Store Policies

  • IKEA – Did you know that not only has IKEA revolutionized the home design, but they have a 365-day return policy? You can return any item within one year of purchase for a full refund as long as you have the receipt and the item is in the as-purchased condition.
  • Bed, Bath and Beyond – You also have a full year to return items at this retailer. If you have purchased an item that is a Bed, Bath and Beyond exclusive item which is deemed defective – you can return the item for up to 5 years!
  • Costco – Aside from a few exceptions for electronics and specialty goods, you can return Costco items anytime! All you need is your membership number to receive a full-refund.
  • Zappos – Not only do you get free two-day shipping at Zappos, you’ll get free return-shipping if you decide you do not want your items within one year of purchase. This applies to unworn items only.
  • The Home Depot – Return any item for up to 90 days that was purchased with your credit or debit card. If you use your Home Depot card, you can return the item for a full credit to your card within 365 days.
  • Macy’s – With some exceptions such as some designer brands and electronics, you have 180 days to return any item to Macy’s.


By knowing the store return policies in advance, especially if you are unsure the item will work for you, you can ensure you’ll get all of your money back in the event it doesn’t. Be sure to check your favorite retailers policies before you buy