Things You Should Always Buy at Dollar Stores

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There are plenty of dollar stores around such as Dollar General, The .99 Cent Store and Family Dollar. Even if you don’t make a habit of shopping these stores on a regular basis, there are a few items that are worth making the extra trip. The great thing is, all of these items are non-perishable goods, so you can go just once and while to stock up!

Gift Bags

The prices for gift bags are almost unbelievable days! Most of the time, the bags are disposed of within seconds of someone opening their gift. It’s pretty easy to turn a $20.00 gift into a $30.00 gift after you add in the cost of the gift bag and card.

At dollar stores, you can buy gift bags for $1.00 – $3.00 – or less!

Cleaning Supplies

Why waste unnecessary money on cleaning supplies? The same cleaning supplies you buy at your local grocer are almost double the price you’ll pay at a dollar store. You can use coupons at a lot of the dollar stores which will get you some cleaning supplies for 50 cents or less!


Most dollar stores sell books, which includes children’s books, adult books and coloring books. Especially for the kids coloring books – they’ll keep them entertained exactly like the $3 – $5.00 coloring books for only $1.00!  Although the adult books are hit and miss, if you find one you want to read, you’ll pay a fraction of the price.

Storage Items

If you use sandwich bags, storage bags, aluminum foil and other storage items, buy these at dollar stores. You can always find coupons for these items and they are priced less at dollar stores than you’ll find anywhere else.


For toothpaste, toothbrushes deodorant, and other everyday essentials, the dollar store has a great selection of the brands you love. Stock up on these items during your trips.