Ways to Save on Pet Boarding Costs


If you own a pet, there is almost always a time when you need your pets cared for when you aren’t able to. Pet boarding can be very cost-prohibitive if you are on a budget, but there are other options to help keep your costs down.

Whether you are going out of town or have an unexpected illness, you may need a little help with your furry friends. Here are ways you can save when boarding your pet.

Traditional Pet Boarding

If you go to a basic pet care facility, expect to pay anywhere between $12 to $26 per day. Some of the higher quality and pampering facilities could cost you as much as $100 per day. Let’s face it, if you have to leave your pet, you certainly want the best care for them – so even if you ended up in the middle of those price ranges, you’d pay around $350 for one week.

On top of those charges, there are additional fees that can add up quickly. Many boarding and pet care facilities charge extra for animals over a certain weight. They also add fees for additional walking, bathing, administering medications and sometimes even for playtime with staff and other pets!

Other Options

The best option, in my opinion – even over traditional boarding, is hiring a house sitter. It not only gives me a little peace of mind that my animals have the companionship that they are accustomed to, but I don’t have to worry about my plants or house being empty while I’m gone. You’d be surprised at how many people you know that could use a break from their spouse or roommate that would gladly house sit while you are away.

If you don’t have anyone to ask, there are many housesitting sites where you can read reviews and get firm pricing upfront to compare the costs. The sitter will follow the schedule you set and can walk, medicate and let your pets out to potty while you are away. For non-traditional pets such as fish, goats, horses, and reptiles – house sitters are especially an excellent choice.

When I have had to use a house sitter in the past, one of my favorite things was being able to video call the sitter so I could see my pup while I was away. The sitter I found actually sent me tons of photos with cute little messages which definitely brightened my days!

If you do not have someone available, check out one of the many housesitting apps and sites such as Trusted House Sitters, Mind My House, House Sit Match or Care.