Best Deals on Cloud Backups to Preserve Your Files


You’ve probably got a considerable amount of data on your computer and phone that you’d like to keep in the event that your hardware gets damaged or destroyed. Between your photos, videos, songs, documents, and files, there are a lot of things you’d miss if your PC or phone were damaged or lost.

Thankfully, there’s a good way to cover for this contingency: a cloud backup.

Cloud backups, sometimes called failsafe data caches, can be tricky to navigate. Many of them cost money, and some are marketed as an enterprise storage cloud, as they’re mostly for businesses instead of individuals. So, what are some of the best deals you can find on cloud backups?


A highly rated backup service, IDrive is preferred by many users for its clean interface and straightforward UI. The service works both on Windows and macOS, making it great for users on either operating system. Another great feature? It functions on iOS and Android, allowing you to make backups of your phone’s files, too.

You’re much more likely to have your phone lost or damaged than your computer. And, unless you’re constantly moving your files from your phone to your computer, it’s usually pretty tough to get backups of your files from your phone. While some things, like contacts and pictures, might back up automatically, other files can be lost entirely without a backup like IDrive.

Acronis True Image

Another great cloud backup option is Acronis True Image, which is foremost a disk-imaging program. What people like about this service is that you actually get a lot of features on top of a cloud backup. You’ll get access to a powerful antivirus software suite, which can help keep your computer’s files safe when you’re surfing the web. Since one of the main ways to lose your computer’s files is to a ransomware attack, this is critical.


If you want the simplest cloud backup on the market, opt for Backblaze. This is a true “set and forget about it” service that allows you to key in the backup and let it do its thing. You don’t need to update it or manage the software; it just works. The upload speeds are zippy, the recovery is easy, and your files will be safe without you needing to lift a finger. When you’re looking for the most value and the least required on your end, Backblaze is the service you want.